Psoriasis is a non-communicable disorder, which affects the skin and the joints of a person. The skin becomes red, scaly and inflamed in case of this condition. It can occur in any part of the body and it is feature of this disease to occur frequently, which makes it very complicated to treat it. Although a psoriasis cure is not easy to find but certain psoriasis natural remedies have been found to be beneficial. These natural remedies are usually pretty economical, easy to obtain and best of all they cause no side effects.

Scientists and Doctors are still not sure of the reason behind psoriasis but genes might be a main factor responsible for psoriasis. In addition, inherited causes one can suffer from psoriasis because of other reasons like metabolic irregularity of proteins and amino acids, allergies, infections etc.

The following five psoriasis natural remedies can help one cure this condition or alleviate symptoms:

1. Using Dead Sea salt products may also help an affected area get well from psoriasis. A seawater bath is also effective for curing psoriasis.

2. If you suffer from scalp psoriasis you can use a hair mask of olive oil, honey and avocado to your wet hair. It will help keep your flakes and irritation within reasonable limit.

3. You should take proper care of hygiene. Proper washing, cleaning and drying of affected areas is must before using any psoriasis natural remedies. Oil of cashew nut should also be used to that area.

4. Garlic oil used in combination with aloe vera oil has been found to be very helpful for this chronic skin condition. Aloe Vera is often used in many home remedies for psoriasis.

5. A very good psoriasis natural remedy is a mixture of one teaspoon of castor oil, one-teaspoon wheat germ oil and a cup of sunflower oil. This mixture should be used on the influenced area.

Psoriasis natural remedies usually do not cause any side effects, in order to get rid of Psoriasis these remedies should be supplemented by appropriate diet. Use of bitter gourd juice daily in the morning has been found to be a proper diet for people suffering from psoriasis.

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