Eczema is an inflammation of the skin characterized by itchiness, swelling and sometimes even flaky skin that doesnt necessarily respond to conventional medicines well. There are hundreds of pills, lotions and creams for dermatitis. And they work very well, however most of them (if not all of them) are very expensive and they do cause side effects.

1. While it is important to keep your hands clean, it is also essential to limit the amount of times they are washed. The more your hands are exposed to water, the more dried out they become. If eczema is present, the dry skin will promote the itching and spread of the condition.

2. Maintaining a strict restraint on your diet is also very important. There are certain foods like eggs, milk, peanuts, soy beans, seafood etc which people suffering from eczema are allergic to. Some home remedies for eczema are indeed very effective because they tend to fight the root cause and not just the symptoms that are seen on the outside.

3. Like gluten, dairy is another hidden food allergy. Many people have symptoms caused by a food sensitivity to dairy; but they can be so subtle, like a headache, that they do not associate their symptoms with an allergy to dairy. By removing dairy from your diet for a few weeks, you can slowly reintroduce it to see if it was the cause of any of your symptoms, including eczema.

4. You should also refrain from rubbing yourself vigorously. Whenever you finish bathing, dont rub yourself but pat yourself dry with a soft towel. You can apply aloe vera or cocoa butter on your skin, taking care to apply a hefty portion over the eczema affected areas. Again ensure that the products you are using are organic and contains no harsh chemicals like additives or preservatives.

5. Applying a hand lotion throughout the day can help keep the skin hydrated, reducing the discomfort associated with eczema. Avoid using scented products, and opt for those that work for sensitive skin.

6. Eczema patients also need to take special care on the lotions they use as many of them might prove to be harmful due to the chemicals present in it. Thus, home remedies for eczema are the best treatment across the globe for all your concerns related to skin as it is hundred pure, natural and safe!

7. Blood tests can tell you if you have an allergy to something, but it can be even easier to simply remove the possibly offending food and reintroduce it to see if symptoms reoccur. Eating real, whole foods can also help relieve your symptoms as these foods will replace important nutrients that may be lacking from your diet.

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