If you have gotten sick of using average over-the-counter items that don’t produce results, and really want to be benefiting your skin in what you are using, then I encourage you to implement an organic natural body care product in your daily routine.

Using a professional tool that is full of natural ingredients that are good for your skin will do wonders for your appearance overall.

There are so many harmful ingredients found in over-the-counter items on a daily basis that it is imperative that you are using organic and natural ingredients to keep your health safe.

Beware of Fillers:

Shockingly enough, many over-the-counter cosmetics actually use fillers in their items, which means that you are not getting all of the powerful ingredients that you need to protect yourself. It is important to read all labels on any items that you are looking at so that you can make sure you are purchasing an organic natural body care product that will benefit you overall.

It is a main concern of many of my clients with the loss of collagen and elastin all over their bodies. If you have started to notice wrinkling and sagging anywhere on your appearance, then look for antioxidant ingredients that will work to firm your appearance.


It is so easy to get discolorations and dark spots all over your appearance due to years of sun damage and exposure to the elements. As an aesthetician, I find that many of my female clients have issues with hyperpigmentation on their chest and wrinkling between their breasts due to unprotected sun exposure. Make sure that as a woman you are wearing a daily SPF underneath your makeup and applying it to your chest as well.

The chest and neck are often areas that are overlooked in sun protection, yet they have a thin and delicate skin that can exhibit the most signs of damage. It is completely appalling to have a flawless complexion, yet still have the appearance of your chest and neck looking damaged and sagging from sun exposure. Make sure that you are using your organic natural body care product on those areas vigilantly to keep the moisture barrier intact and the cells protected.

Look Young Again:

If you are skeptical at all, I assure you that once you start using a quality body care product, you will be a believer!

The key is to look for very unique ingredients that are all natural, like Wakame, which is a sea kelp extract used popularly in Japanese skin care.

The Japanese have always been very advanced in their facial care technologies, and the women have the youthful faces to prove it for most of their lives!

Using an ingredient like this in your organic natural product will allow you to heal and regenerate the cells on every area of your appearance.

I am so glad I was able to share with you the best features to look for in your complexion care, and I would love for you to visit my website at http://www.MyFacialMD.com to find high quality and medically tested ingredients that work to protect your skin.

Professional care is such an important component of overall wellness and beauty, and you can easily enhance your appearance by visiting my website today and finding the best and most innovative ingredients available on the market!

Bethany North is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist in Texas with a passion for products that really work. She has studied and researched hundreds of products in the skincare industry searching for formulas she knows her clients can rely on, based on their ingredients and manufacturing processes. She shares them with you via her website, http://www.MyFacialMd.com